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"It's economics vs environment."

It's economics vs environment. The economical benefits are not worth the environmental damage. The debate comes down to this, do we want to double down on petroleum and the complete hold it has on society, or do we want to take the moral high stand, be a world leader and say enough is enough (Infrastructures that rely on oil).
It's up to our generation to create sustainable practices and use our generation's power to make a change. The momentum that we can build now to curb the mitigation wedge is impacted greatly by being for or against the pipeline. The pipeline is a symbolic decision, an action that will say where our true beliefs lie — By building the pipeline american society is committing to our dependence on oil and petroleum's dominant role in our society. The economic benefits are there, but future benefits of alternative energy are being undermined. The research by a commission employed by the very makers of the pipeline claim to have done “ the most thorough assessment is history ” but with just five years taken to complete the assessment there is much doubt that the were able to calculate the long term environmental impacts. In the end the paradox is very similar to our agriculture industry and our nations obesity, while the agricultural system does not take away from the importance of personal responsibility (exercise, etc..), the institutional entrenchments create long term effects, and a commitment to a way of living, which cause and encourage obesity (proven). This is the paradox we have to say, “ Oil extraction around the world (XL pipeline) and our earth's climate change.”

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