Marijuana undoubtedly has its pros and cons, medical marijuana has been clinically proven to have legitimate health benefits to people in need. On the other side of the coin, there is concern with abuse of recreational use. Allowing medical marijuana opens the door to increased use by abusers, but when it comes to the personal use of responsible adults personal freedom should be paramount.

Making marijuana illegal it puts the power in the black market, not only would the legalization of marijuana release up 1 of 6 people in jail and free up millions of dollars used to arrest and persecute these individuals, but it would generate millions of dollars in taxes and jobs that would boost the economy and provide for sensible regulation and research on the effects of marijuana. We need a more democratic resolution, and this will come with increasing the education of marijuana in schools and downgrading this drug from the most extreme federal level. We need to separate abusers from those with high amounts of personal responsibility, and stop taking the negative anecdotal evidence as a general panacea for the rest of American society. Legalization would mean better regulation, better research, less crime from the black market, less availability for the youth and a more reliable and funded use of a renewable resource.


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